by Aaron Levy

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guid·ance (ɡīdəns)
1. advice or information aimed at resolving a problem or difficulty, especially as given by someone in authority.
"he looked to his father for inspiration and guidance"

2. the directing of the motion or position of something, especially a missile.
"a surface-to-air missile guidance system"

synonyms: advice, counsel, direction, instruction, enlightenment, information

Distance - for computer generated square waves and a field recording of a flight I took in the fall of 2016 from Atlanta, GA to Cleveland, OH.

Pathways - a composed improvisation for drum and floor tiles against recordings of walks I took through various State Parks around Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana.

Airwaves - an improvisation for prepared vibraphone and computer generated square waves.

Thanks to David Myers for engineering this album in record time.
Thanks to Kelsey Behl for the truly incredible artwork.
A special thank you to my mentor and friend, Tim Feeney.
And a thank you to each of you for all of your guidance along the way!


released May 30, 2017

Audio Engineer: David Myers
Album Art: Kelsey Behl



all rights reserved


Aaron Levy Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Aaron Levy is a percussionist and improviser, whose music is deeply based in extremes - very short and very long, very high and very low sounds. With the use of AM radios, feedback looped snare drums, whisks, marbles, and more, his improvisations have been described by listeners as "serene", "meditative" and "calmly aggressive." His favorite things are white noise, pop radio, and the weather. ... more

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